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Reasons to be an OU Student

1. Cost. My entire degree should come in at under £5000, and most of that will be paid for by grants.

2. Freedom with timing. Although I do have to get assignments in on time, I'm very flexible about when I can work. Since I don't work much atm, I generally have my books open, and just study throughout the day. I also get the majority of the set books and the assignment leaflets at the beginning, so I can just get on with it. I like to study in the middle of the night, too.

3. I don't have to leave the house. Being out in public is quite stressful for me (I'm an aspie). A lot of the time, I'm just acting normal, and being away from home for too long - or having guests - makes me very stressed, because I have to keep it up. I went to college for a bit when I was sixteen, but, partly because I was still in the midst of depression, I found it hard to get up and leave the house everyday. And, once you'd done that a few times, you get so far behind you can't really catch up. And the work's designed to be done with a teacher, in a classroom, so you can't really take it home etiher. Now I've got absolutely nothing standing between me and the work but me.

4. Control. I know which courses I'm doing up to the end of my degree, and when. It's all about me. No one bugs me.

5. Time. Because I'm studying part-time, I'm able to slot in extra courses just for the fun of it, like the Welsh language and Welsh history. And they are fun.:D

x-posted to my own journal. Any other ideas?
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