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Choosing a course & blogs


I've just about come to the end of my second OU course (I've submitted the ECA so it's just a question of waiting for the results now) and I'm stuck when it comes to choosing what I want to do next.

The problem is, I've not really enjoyed either of the courses that I've done so far. I took AA100 because I thought History was the subject for me, but I didn't realise that it was less about history and more about study skills (and as I'd just finished a four year university course, I had most of the basics covered already).

I decided to abandon the History study and do Creative Writing (A215) instead (once I'd come to the end of AA100), but I was disappointed with that as well. The way that FirstClass was used to share work just doesn't work for me, I need face-to-face contact and as the course went on, it seemed like the less effort I put into my writing, the better my marks were. I actually wrote less during this course than I have ever done in my entire life since first picking up a pencil, so I'm in no hurry to try the third-level Creative Writing course.

The problem is, I want to continue studying for fun and the OU is the ideal way to do that as I don't have to pay for the courses. I'm hoping to return to 'brick' university in a couple of years time so until then I want to keep my hand in and hopefully get something out of it as well.

I'm feeling drawn towards the language courses, but I'm put off by negative reviews (and I don't really trust the handful of reviews posted on the OU site). What I'd like to see are some blogs that people who are studying the various courses have kept because I think that gives you a better overall idea of the course than a single review.

Have any of you kept blogs during your courses? Regardless of what you've studied, I'm curious because at this moment in time I'm beginning to think that the best way to pick my next course will be by drawing names out of a hat.

Which brings me to my second question, which courses have you taken and loved? Why?

Thank you.

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