Monkee (monkeedreamer) wrote in open_university,

Another question

So, I have another question for you fine folks. Has anyone here taken beginner & intermediate language courses? (and this also half-applies to courses in general, too...) I am looking to take a beginners' language course (either German or French) in November 2010, but then the intermediate courses start in Feb.

Is it possible to do courses at your own pace and finish them sooner than the allotted time? Could I take beginners' and finish it prior to the start of intermediate? Or failing that, do they allow overlap where I could enroll in them both anyhow? I'd obviously try and finish it prior to the start regardless, but then just hand in things as they are due, however that works, while already working on intermediate... Are either of these options feasible?

If not, having to wait to do that one 30pt course will add an entire extra year to my completion time of the degree, as the Level 2 & 3 languages courses also begin in Feb!! This rigid -only in November & February- course start thing is making me nuts, it makes everything so freaking difficult!!

Any suggestions/advice?
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